I’m Lissette

Creator and founder of Bella Balloons Co. 

I am a creative and bubly person who loves getting to know people and making them feel special by creating beautiful scenes for their events. Being a lover of learning ( aka training hoarder), I have extensive trainings in Balloon and wedding and corporate designs, luxury weddings, etc. I found love in balloons because of the gazillion ways they can be used from contemporary designs, to formal events, to corporate galas, birthday parties, and anything in between! 

Our Mission

Bella Balloons Co. makes the world a happier place!

Ine of the best things tha tCOvid-19 left for us, was the assurance that our work matters. We always knew our balloons brought joy, yet we questioned how much of an impact we were making in the world. As COVID-19 hit, one of the few special gestures still available are balloons! We noticed happy smiles (even under those masks), excitement, and amazement. Our customers were so grateful to have a special token to show their love, acknowledge a special occasion or show their appreciation. We knew at that moment that although things were not quite what anyone was expecting, love was still something to celebrate. We are more than ever certain that our talents and our work make a meaningful difference in the world. We love our mission and we embrace our growth as we continue to give our best with each and every client. We are local to Frederick County in Maryland and also serve surrounding counties (Montgonmery County, Howard County, Washington County, Loudon County, VA to name a few.)

What I Do

Balloon Garlands


Balloon Bouquets 

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